A Turkish citizen adopted a novel solution to give up smoking


Picture: International Media

Everybody is aware of that smoking is deadly, however nonetheless folks smoke and even when they need to give up, they fail.

Nevertheless, the citizen of Turkey adopted such a novel solution to give up smoking, realizing that you’ll be shocked.

This story dates again to 2013, however just lately information about this distinctive solution to give up smoking has appeared within the media once more.

In line with international media, a Turkish man named Ibrahim Usel tied a brass cage on his head to give up smoking.

At first, folks thought this technique as a joke, however then footage and movies of a Turkish citizen carrying a cage on his head got here to the fore.

Photo: Foreign Media
Picture: International Media

As per studies, Ibrahim determined to kick the behavior of smoking after his father died of lung most cancers.

The Turkish nationwide smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for greater than twenty years of his life, however to kick the behavior, Ibrahim made his head cage with the assistance of copper wire, impressed by a bike helmet.

In line with studies, as soon as Ibrahim’s head was locked contained in the cage, he would hand over the keys to his members of the family, with the Turkish nationwide’s spouse supporting him throughout his quest to give up smoking.

When Ibrahim needed to eat or drink one thing, his spouse used to open this cage, however as quickly as he completed consuming, this cage was closed. This helped the Turkish citizen to give up the behavior of smoking.

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