All standing results in Lies of P and easy methods to treatment them


Lies of P is a difficult role-playing recreation that can take a look at your mettle at each flip with lethal enemies and dastardly environmental traps. However to make issues even a bit tougher, you’ll need to deal with a set of standing results that may majorly have an effect on your character and make issues a lot more durable for you in battle. We’ve compiled a listing of all standing results in Lies of P, in addition to a listing of the way to treatment them.

All standing results

There are a complete of seven standing results, with every both dealing harm or having a noticeable affect in your potential to carry out in battle. Listed here are all of them and the way they work.


Overheat is brought on by taking an excessive amount of fireplace harm too shortly. When the Overheat bar fills solely, you’ll start to burn and lose well being till it’s cured or wears off naturally. Throughout this time, your Guard Regain restoration quantity may even be lowered, which might drastically affect your survivability in fast-paced encounters.


When Shock is utilized, your character’s stamina restoration shall be lowered considerably, which might have devastating penalties. Till this impact is cured or wears of naturally, you’ll be caught with very restricted motion and assault alternatives resulting from your decreased stamina.

Electrical Shock

To not be confused with customary Shock, Electrical Shock is brought on by taking an excessive amount of Electrical Blitz harm in a brief time frame. When this occurs, you’ll take elevated Electrical Blitz and bodily harm all through the impact, and your Fable meter will drain constantly, which might scale back your assault choices in fight.


Decay is brought on by taking an excessive amount of Acid harm inside a small time window. It will trigger fixed weapon and acid harm, each of which might make life tough for you in battle since letting it go on for too lengthy may end up in needing to restore your weapon whereas additionally dodging your foes’ assaults.


Corruption is brought on by a buildup of, properly, Corruption. When this occurs, you’ll be bothered with what is actually your textbook poison impact, that means your HP will drain constantly till it wears off or is healed with an merchandise. This may be particularly difficult to deal with when additionally preventing enemies, so avoiding sources of Corruption is very suggested when potential.


Break is an annoying standing impact to deal with, as letting its bar construct up solely will briefly lower how a lot well being your Pulse Cells heal. This may be particularly irritating whenever you already end up at low well being and don’t have many Pulse Cells left, nevertheless it’s normally finest to attend till the impact wears off earlier than therapeutic so you may make sure you get the utmost quantity of well being potential.


Disruption is probably essentially the most regarding of all standing results within the recreation, as you’ll be immediately killed when the Disruption bar fills up solely. If you end up in a state of affairs the place lots of Disruption harm is being doled out, it’s finest to again off till the bar depletes some otherwise you’ll quickly be seeing a Sport Over display screen.

The best way to treatment standing results

There are a number of objects within the recreation designed that will help you treatment particular illnesses, in addition to objects that may enhance your resistance to them to be able to scale back your probability of changing into contaminated to start with. Yow will discover these treatment and resistance objects in numerous locations whereas exploring all through the sport, or you should purchase them with Ergo from Polendia at Lodge Krat.

  • Attribute Purification Ampoule – Cures Overheat, Electrical Shock, Decay, and Corruption
  • Particular Purification Ampoule – Cures Shock, Break, and Disruption
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule – Enhances resistance to Overheat, Electrical Shock, Decay, and Corruption
  • Particular Resistance Ampoule – Enhances resistance to Shock, Break, and Disruption

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