Archaeologists discover 7,000-year-old ‘completely preserved skeleton’


The image exhibits a 7,000-year-old skeleton present in Poland. — Dwell Science

Archaeologists discovered a skeleton of an individual who lived round 7,000 years in the past in wonderful situation throughout the renovation of a city sq.. 

In accordance with Dwell Science, the skeleton was found within the city sq. of Słomniki — which is located in Poland. 

Archaeologist Paweł Micyk stated that fragments of pottery and flint had been discovered with the skeleton. The pottery — belonging to linear pottery tradition — means that the burial befell round 7,000 years in the past.

The skeleton was preserved with the assistance of loosely packed soil by which the burial befell, as this soil incorporates non-acidic chemical make-up.

“For the time being, we’re unable to find out who the buried particular person was,” stated Micyk. Nonetheless, additional info will likely be revealed by an evaluation completed by an anthropologist.

“That is an thrilling and crucial discovery certainly,” stated an adjunct professor of archaeology, Małgorzata Kot.

“The burial belongs to the earliest Neolithic farmers who crossed the Carpathians from the south and entered Poland within the sixth millennium.”

Kot stated that little is understood about these farmers, their tradition and burial practices. “They bury their useless both inside the settlements or in separate cemeteries, however cemeteries are very uncommon,” she added.

“You should think about that these early farmers had been getting into a completely new land for them. Land of the deep forest of Central European Lowlands. Land of harsher local weather but additionally a land already inhabited by different individuals,” Kot stated.

She added that they’d have come throughout hunter-gatherers who had been already dwelling there, highlighting that they each coexisted for about two millennia, nonetheless, it’s not sure how they interacted. 

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