Artwork Assault: Amna Butt


Giant scale work, blended media textures, daring strokes and the essence of expressionism is felt in Amna Butt’s work. Butt’s forte is recognised by impulsive pouring and dripping techniques-“unconsciousness is the womb to true artwork” as Amna likes to place it, a painter who creates from interior impulsions and spoils a canvas to say one thing in her personal method.

Amna has skilled from numerous prestigious establishments and was additionally skilled underneath the mentorship of seniority. The woman who began from the consolation of her room is now the CEO of an artwork gallery, The Artwork Room. Amna Butt chats with TEdit about her ardour for canvas and paint.

How did you first uncover your expertise?

I used to be born to color. Since childhood artwork outlets have been like Disneyland to me. I used to be so positive I wished to do that for the remainder of my life.

What conjures up you?

Deen and love. I’m nature, I work with the rhythms of nature, impulsive intense out and in.

When did you first begin portray?

Since as way back as I can bear in mind! Professionally 5 years, with the mentorship from academics, from my room, which is why I named it “ Amna Butt – The Artwork Room” whereas I launched my studio/gallery in 2019 which is now a platform for visible arts.

What does your work intention to say?

“I select to veil the imagery, I create what I conceive”

To me it’s expressing an interior world!

The flexibility of my work goals to precise the depth of my feelings, it provides instant expression to my emotions fairly than merely illustrating them!

Is there a murals that you simply want to have in your house subsequent to your individual artwork?

I have already got one portray subsequent to my very own artwork and that’s of my trainer’s. (Late) Mr Imran Sultan, he wasn’t a well-known artist however undoubtedly an excellent one. Each stroke he painted has a narrative.

For those who might meet any artist on this planet useless or alive, who wouldn’t it be?

Pollock. I didn’t learn about him till final October, once I began portraying my sequence of summary expressionism. Individuals began to narrate my work with him, it was uncanny and unbelievable that it bears such a detailed resemblance to his work.

Would have liked to color with him!

Are you keen on accumulating something?

Scents. I consider scent is the strongest set off of reminiscence and feelings.

Describe your work in 5 phrases.


Summary expressionism.




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