Battlefield 2042: Best Controller Settings


With any cross-platform sport, gamers need the power to remap their controllers in additional aggressive circles. Fortunately, Battlefield 2042 permits you to just do that. Gamers can utterly remap their controls to their liking, together with their desired sensitivity and FOV. Listed below are the perfect controller settings to make use of in Battlefield 2042. We’ll additionally go over the perfect helicopter settings in Battlefield 2042 and how one can make them extra just like the Name of Obligation: Warzone helicopters. This text is from the angle of a PlayStation 5 participant. Nonetheless, the configurations talked about nonetheless work relative to their Xbox counterparts.

Greatest controller settings for Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 maintains the default FPS management scheme. Except for the attachment swap mechanic, the sport performs like every other within the sequence. Which means R2 to shoot, L2 to intention, X to leap, and circle to crouch. The sport solely gives a number of pre-programmed configurations like southpaw, legacy, and legacy southpaw. Nonetheless, these settings imply little or no to most avid gamers. Sadly, there is no such thing as a bumper-jumper setting. We’ll, nevertheless, go over how one can play bumper-jump in Battlefield 2042 afterward.

For primary on-foot controller settings:

  • Press Choices
  • Tab over to Controller with R1
  • Underneath Controller, tab over to On Foot with R2

Set your Soldier Controls to Customized. We’ll go over the perfect controller remapping configuration afterward. You too can depart it on the default setting if that’s what you favor.

Soldier Goal Sensitivity is your customary un-aimed sensitivity. Set this to no matter feels snug. Hold the inverted look off and set your area of view between 80 and 100. Console gamers admire a sport that lets them modify their FOV slider. The extra you may see peripherally, the higher off you might be. Nonetheless, don’t simply set it to 105 (the max) and neglect it. Issues will seem smaller since your digital camera is successfully stretched out. Mess around with the slider between on-line video games or in opposition to bots in solo/co-op mode. The identical goes for locating the fitting sensitivities.

For ADS Discipline of View, maintain this on. This retains the magnification of weapon sights relative to your FOV. If turned off, you’ll seem to zoom in an excessive amount of, thus throwing off your accuracy. Set each Goal Help sliders to the max.

Underneath the Motion part, set Soldier Dash to Toggle and maintain Double-Faucet to Dash off. Hold Dash to Vault Over off and switch At all times Use Traversal Dash on.

Underneath the Different part, maintain your parachute auto-deploy choices turned off. You could have the choice to quick-throw grenades by urgent the suitable button, however we didn’t discover it very useful. It takes some getting used to, however equipping and throwing grenades in two motions is best for aiming functions. The remaining settings are all sensitivity-related and as much as private desire.

Greatest controller mapping scheme in Battlefield 2042

Player flying with a wing suit in Battlefield 2042.

The default controls for Battlefield 2042 aren’t dangerous, however gamers preferring bump-jumper or R3 to crouch must remap their controls utterly. Under, we’ve laid out the perfect bumper-jumper controller configuration. If you happen to don’t like taking part in bumper-jumper, simply depart the controls as is. To remap your controller:

  • Set Soldier Controls to Customized
  • Use R1 to tab over to Controller Mapping
  • Use R2 to tab over to On Foot

Your stroll and look controls will stay the identical. The identical goes for aiming and capturing. It’s once we begin messing with the soar, crouch, melee, and attachment swap controls that issues get bizarre. Remap your buttons within the following means for the perfect bumper-jumper controller scheme in Battlefield 2042:

  • Bounce – L1
  • Vault – L1
  • Crouch (Maintain) and Crouch (Toggle) – Don’t assign any buttons to those choices.
  • Crouch (Press)/Susceptible (Maintain) – R3
  • Parachute Deploy – L1
  • Melee/Melee Takedown – R1
  • Modify Weapon Attachments – R1
  • Ping/CommoRose (Maintain) – X

Two issues get just a little bizarre with these controls that you simply’ll have to bear in mind. For starters, as a substitute of urgent L1 and R1 to make use of your Name-In pill, you’ll press R1 and X on the identical time (regardless that your display screen is telling you L1). The identical is true once you’re down, and also you need to skip the revive timer. Press and maintain X regardless that you’re prompted to carry L1. This may occasionally change as the sport updates to replicate customized controls. As of now, the sport defaults its on-screen prompts to the default controller settings.

Modify Weapon Attachments and melee are hot-keyed to the identical button, however this doesn’t completely matter. You’ll press and maintain R1 to alter your attachments and faucet R1 to make use of your melee weapon. You’ll be able to forgo melee assaults altogether and unbind R1 from the melee possibility. Nonetheless, if you wish to maintain a knife in your again pocket, the choice is accessible. We’ve been taking part in since day one and haven’t discovered ourselves ready to melee-kill somebody when capturing them can be simply as simple. We suggest unbinding melee all collectively (for the power to play bumper-jumper).

The very best helicopter/jet settings in Battlefield 2042

Helicopter dropping off teammates in Battlefield 2042.

The default helicopter flight controls in Battlefield 2042 are like utilizing either side of your mind concurrently. Name of Obligation: Warzone pilots trying to make the swap are in for an unsightly shock once they crash their helicopter into the bottom within the first 20 seconds of flight. Nonetheless, there’s a technique to configure your helicopter controls to reflect the user-friendly Call of Obligation: Warzone controls in Battlefield 2042. As a bonus, these identical controls work completely for jets, too!

To vary your pilot settings:

  • Underneath Choices, tab over to Controller with R1
  • Scroll right down to the Plane part below the Controller Schemes tab
  • Set Air Pilot Controls and Buttons to Customized
  • Tab over to Autos with R2 and scroll right down to the Pilot part
  • Toggle Invert Vertical Look to on (press as much as go down/right down to go up)
  • Set Plane Sensitivity to 100
  • Toggle Helicopter Management Assists to off

With Helicopter Management Assists off, you’ll have the ability to hover in place. Protecting it on retains your chopper in a relentless state of ascension, which makes capturing small targets on the bottom tougher than it needs to be. You simply need to remember when your chopper is falling to the bottom, particularly if the final enter you made was to throttle down.

For the best helicopter flight controls, head again to Controller Mapping and tab over to the Pilot menu. Use the next settings:

  • Throttle Up – R2
  • Throttle Down – L2
  • Yaw Proper – Press proper on the left stick
  • Yaw Left – Press left on the left stick
  • Pitch Up – Press up on the left stick
  • Pitch Down – Pull down on the left stick
  • Roll Proper – Press proper on the fitting stick
  • Roll Left – Press left on the fitting stick
  • Filter the Freelook choices in order that no buttons are sure to them
  • View Rear Digicam – Down on the D-pad
  • Chase Digicam – L3
  • Fireplace – R1
  • Goal – L1
  • Flight Mode – Up on the D-pad
  • Assisted Flight/Afterburner – R3

To make sure you’ve completed every little thing proper, begin a solo sport with newbie bots and spawn right into a helicopter. The bots aren’t good sufficient to shoot you down, so that you’ll be free to tinker with the controls till you get it proper. Keep in mind, you could enter the proper directional buttons when mapping the pitch/yaw actions.

With the above settings, it is best to have the ability to fly helicopters in Battlefield 2042 as simply as you do in Name of Obligation: Warzone.

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