Colocal Opens Its Doors In Khan Market: Heres What We Liked


Many restaurants closed during the pandemic, and of course, many opened, too. While we were busy working from home, the irrepressible spirit of the restaurant world bubbled endlessly on just below the dark surface of things. Intriguing menus were curated, new (and better) spaces leased, plans that had been hatched weeks and months earlier inched forward. And now, as we all are comfortable to walk out of our houses, there are suddenly various new places to try – some of which appear to have appeared, fully formed, as soon as the lockdown lifted. At least that’s how it appeared to me when I wiped the sleep from my eyes and wandered over on a breezy winter evening to try to secure a table at the newish café – Colocal, which opened a few weeks ago in Khan Market. This is their second outlet in Delhi after the successful establishment in Chhatarpur.

The café has quite a relaxed and comforting vibe with minimalist interiors. The founder, Sheetal Saxena, has built the space as a quaint chocolate factory cum cafe, complete with beautiful plants and jute lamps. I could see friends and families – including doting grandparents and babies in strollers – crowded around the tables.


Pesto pasta salad.


Vegetable au gratin


Garlic Prawn Spinach Pizza & Mushroom Pizza

Known to be home to India’s only live chocolate factory, Colocal has attracted a lot of attention from chocolate lovers in-and-around Delhi. Colocal extends a variety of chocolate bars with 55%, 66%, 72%, and 85% cacao. Not just that, they have some delicious offerings like the Caramel Inclusion bar, Nut’s inclusion bar, and Sea salt bar.


We tried an array of desserts.

Although the chocolate offerings are the main attraction of Colocal’s menu, their savoury offerings (both appetisers and main course) are equally impressive. Our recommendations: Start with Pesto Pasta Salad and BBQ Chicken Wings. Try Mushroom Bruschetta, Spinach and Corn Grilled Sandwich, and Pulled Chicken Burger for small bites. For pizza, we suggest you pick Garlic Prawn Spinach Pizza or Mushroom Pizza. If you prefer pasta over pizza, then go for classic Pomodoro pasta. In the main course, Chicken with Mushroom sauce, Mushroom in Lemon Sauce, and Vegetable Au Gratin are some great options to try.

Where: 65, First Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi

Price for two: Rs. 1000 (approximately)