CPPA-G seeks Rs1.17 per unit hike in electrical energy tariff for XWDISCOs


ISLAMABAD – The Central Energy Buying Company Assure Restricted (CPPA-G) has demanded a rise of Rs 1.1738 per unit in electrical energy obligation on account of Month-to-month Gasoline Cost Adjustment (FCA) for March 2023.

In a petition submitted to NEPRA on behalf of electrical energy distribution firms (XWDISCOs), the CPPA-G stated the reference gas cost to customers for the month of March was Rs 8.7122 per unit, whereas together with the full value per unit. The final settlement/due was Rs.9.8860 per unit. The petitioner has requested for restoration of previous changes/dues of Rs 14.146 billion or Rs 1.6183 per unit from the customers. CPPA-G additional stated that complete vitality era throughout March elevated to eight,741.32 GWh from 7,756 GWh in February. The whole manufacturing value in March was Rs 71.830 billion or Rs 8.2173 per unit. The manufacturing value of vitality per unit in March was greater than the February value of 8.0123/unit, though it’s nonetheless decrease than the January 11.2026/unit value.

In accordance with CCPA-G knowledge, the online energy delivered to DISCO was 8,459 GWh at a value of Rs 83.628 billion or Rs 9.8860/unit. The earlier adjustment/backlog was 12.27 GWh, the sale to IPPs was 23.03 GWh and the transmission deficit was 259 GWh. Hydropower era declined to 2,001.61 GWh in March from 2,052 GWh within the earlier month. The share of hydro energy era in March was 22.90 per cent. Coal-based electrical energy era elevated from 1,091 GWh in February to 1,333.51 GWh in March. The share of coal in energy era was 15.26 per cent in March. The price of coal manufacturing declined from Rs 12.5706 per unit in February to Rs 8.6768 per unit in March. In March, 40 GWh electrical energy (0.46 per cent) was generated from furnace oil at Rs 21.2769 per unit.

The manufacturing of gas-based energy crops elevated to 1,107.01 GWh (12.66%) throughout the month from 850 GWh (10.95%) in February. The price of gas-based energy elevated to Rs 11.2621 per unit in March from Rs 10.0680 per unit in February. Electrical energy generated from RLNG elevated to 1,784.59 GWh (20.42 per cent) in March from 1,462 GWh (18.86 per cent) throughout the earlier month. The price of RLNG based mostly energy additionally elevated to Rs 24.3095 per unit from Rs 23.3602 per unit in February. Technology from nuclear energy crops elevated to 2,002.01 GWh in March from 1,883 GWh in February. The price of nuclear based mostly energy was Rs 1.0803/unit. Imported electrical energy from Iran stood at 31.58 GWh in March. The price of Iranian electrical energy was Rs 23.3860 per unit. In March, energy era from bagasse was 104 GWh at Rs 5.9822 per unit. The ability era from numerous sources (combined) was 3.56 GWh at a value of ₹5.2664/unit. Technology from wind elevated from 92 GWh in February to 221.33 GWh throughout March. Photo voltaic era additionally elevated to 110.73 GWh in March from 82 GWh throughout February. Nepra will maintain a public listening to on the CPPA-G petition on Could 03.

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