Dr Farooq Sattar meets former Sindh governor Ishratul Ebad in Dubai


Former Sindh governor Dr Ishratul Ebad (left) gestures as he speaks to Dr Farooq Sattar. 

Former governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad and MQM Rehabilitation Committee Chairman Dr Farooq Sattar held a meeting in Dubai. 

The two leaders held consultations in the lengthy meeting, sources said, adding that their talks also focused on filling the political vacuum in Pakistan. 

The two leaders have decided to let bygone be bygones and have decided to move forward in their relationship, said sources. 

Sources told Geo News that the two leaders also agreed on restoring ties with other ex-colleagues as well. 

“Dr Farooq Sattar and Dr Ishratul Ebad plan to craft a political strategy which will be discussed when the two leaders meet the next time,” the sources added. 

Ebad mulls return to Pakistani politics

In an interview earlier, the former Sindh governor had admitted he was considering a return to Karachi’s politics after some “prominent political players and Karachi stakeholders” had invited him to do so.

Ebad had also discussed his future plans and views about the current turmoil in Pakistani politics, particularly Karachi.

When asked if he was approached by influential figures to make a comeback to the politics of Karachi in particular as well as Pakistan before and after the 2018 elections, Dr Ebad had not denied it.

However, the former governor had avoided opening up about the proposals and promises that have been put before him but he did speak about his tenure as the longest-serving governor of Sindh. 

Sindh minister Nasir Hussain Shah had also met the former governor in Dubai and invited him to play a role in Pakistani politics. 

“I have invited the former governor to Pakistan and urged him to play a role in Pakistani politics,” tweeted Nasir Hussain Shah.