Find out how to get all Athra Surges in Prince of Persia: The Misplaced Crown


Going again to its 2D roots, Prince of Persia: The Misplaced Crown spices up the components in regard to design and gameplay to suit the Metroidvania mildew. Traversal and navigation are about what you’ll count on, together with the power to uncover the map by discovering a hidden NPC, however fight is much more versatile than you may assume. Along with your regular assaults, Athra Surges function your strongest instruments to unleash in a pinch. Most come naturally all through the sport, however half are elective and require some additional exploration to unlock. If you wish to profit from your Athra gauge and craft the proper construct in Prince of Persia: The Misplaced Crown, right here’s the way to get all of them.

Find out how to get all Athra Surges

There are 10 whole Athra Surgest to gather in Prince of Persia: The Misplaced Crown, nonetheless, solely 5 of them are given to you thru pure development. The remaining 5 you’ll need to seek out and accumulate by beating the Alternate Sargon in a combat. He’ll seem at particular areas on the map, and when you can greatest him, you may be rewarded with a brand new Athra Surge. The 5 you get via regular development are:

  • Verethranga’s Smite: a dashing assault that offers a number of hits.
  • Bahman’s Breath: spawns an HP restoring space of impact.
  • Arash’s Ray: shoots a beam that may pierce enemies
  • Bahamut’s Rage: creates an enormous twister round Sargon that throws any enemy close by for injury.
  • Rashnu’s Judgment: places you in a counter-stance that unleashes a strong assault on any enemy that hits you whereas lively.

Listed here are those it’s important to hunt down and the place to get them.

Wind of Sistan


Positioned in The Depths, you may snag this one on a excessive platform on the location above. Wind of Sistan creates a twister of Athra power round Sargon that disables enemies, however can solely be used on the bottom.

Shahbaz Spirit

A map screen in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

From the placement on the map, you might want to platform throughout the invisible pillars after which cross a wood bridge to a stone slab that has details about the Immortals. Proceed ahead into the subsequent room to come across Alternate Sargon for a duel.

This surge is an anti-air transfer the place you slash each swords straight above Sargon.

Hadhayans Would possibly

A map in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

You have to to make use of your time powers to maneuver up and to the precise on this part of the Soma Tree. Subsequent, you might want to climb up a sequence of wood scaffolding platforms. This time not only one, however two Alternate Sargon awaits you on the high.

Unleash this transfer to teleport to an enemy and slam down on them from above.

Soul of Gilgamesh

The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown map.

Head right down to this nook of the Pit of Everlasting Sands, slide below a niche within the left wall, and platform up the left aspect till you see a glowing yellow crack within the cliff you can bust open. Transfer via the cave and face Alternate Sargon as soon as once more.

This is likely one of the higher surges since it’s a full buff to your strikes. It makes Sargon quicker, stronger, and take much less injury, but additionally opens up new, longer combo choices.

Vayu’s Wave

The map menu in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

It is advisable to beat the primary 9 challenges with Artaban earlier than you will get Yayus Wave within the Decrease Metropolis. After finishing the final one, he’ll reward you with Vayu’s Wave.

Swinging his swords, Sargon will shoot out a wave of power that knocks enemies forward of him again.

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