get Wild Greens in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you would possibly encounter the Gloom-Borne Sickness quest, which requires you to seek out Wild Greens. Nonetheless, there isn’t really an merchandise known as “Wild Greens,” making this quest notably tough to finish. On this information, we’ll present you the place to seek out Wild Greens in Tears of the Kingdom.

The place to seek out Wild Greens

A very powerful factor to notice with this quest is the merchandise you want is definitely the Sundelion. The sport is purposely imprecise, making it troublesome to know what the precise merchandise you want is. These things are present in numerous places round Hyrule, however essentially the most constant technique to discover them is to go to a Sky Island across the following coordinates: -2,184, 0966, 1637.

It’s a small, round Sky Island on the western portion of the map. To succeed in this Sky Island, we suggest launching from Lindor’s Forehead Skyview Tower and gliding over to it. This can require a little bit of stamina so it’s greatest to aim this after your stamina is upgraded a few instances.

After you arrive, head to the northeastern facet of the Sky Island, the place you’ll see plenty of Sundelions scattered round. Seize a handful of them after which mix them with Hylian Rice and Recent Milk to make the Sunny Veggie Porridge.

Bear in mind, you possibly can actually discover Sundelions elsewhere, however that is the simplest and most constant technique — particularly since you possibly can go to the Sky Island pretty early on.

After you’ve mixed all of the components, return to Kakariko Village and provides the porridge to Lasli to finish the Gloom-Borne Sickness quest.

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