How to Mod Someone on Twitch


There are a lot of issues to concentrate on when streaming on Twitch. After you get your channel arrange, together with a longtime streaming schedule, art work, and advertising, you will wish to look into getting a number of moderators for the chat. Whether or not you are simply beginning out or are a longtime streamer, having a “mod” to maintain the chat will hold your viewers secure and be certain that the general vibe is optimistic.

Whereas streaming is usually a optimistic exercise, the group (and streamer) could be severely affected by hateful commenters. You have seemingly seen or heard of Twitch chats going awry, and it is the streamer’s job to have somebody in place that can hold issues peaceable, or a minimum of attempt to.

However how do you make somebody a mod? On this information, we’ll present you all you will must find out about granting moderator privileges, the way it works, what a mod can do, and different tricks to make issues simpler on you and your group.

The way to make somebody a moderator

Twitch has made it comparatively easy to make somebody a mod. There are a few methods to take action. The simplest technique could be achieved by clicking on somebody’s username from throughout the chat. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Have the consumer be part of your stream.

Step 2: Click on their Username within the chat.

Step 3: Click on the Icon of a Individual with a Plus Signal that claims “Mod [username].” This can grant them moderator privileges.

Step 4: The opposite technique to make somebody a mod is by utilizing the mod command. To take action, kind “/mod [username]” within the chat. For instance, if you need consumer johnsmith to be a mod, you’d kind “/mod johnsmith.” After you kind within the command, a message will seem that reads “[your username] granted moderator privileges to johnsmith.”

Step 5: A mod could be noticed within the chat by a inexperienced sword icon subsequent to their identify. They will use instructions (listed beneath) to maintain the chat pleasant and secure. You’ll be able to (and may) have a number of mods relying in your channel dimension.

Mod instructions

Utilizing “/mod” is not the one command you possibly can kind in. There are many completely different instructions which are extraordinarily helpful that you have to be conscious of, whether or not you are a streamer or a moderator. These are fast instructions that may be typed into the chat to carry out helpful features that have an effect on the stream.

Beneath is an inventory of instructions and their features. Bear in mind to kind them into the chat to make use of them and to take action responsibly:

  • /block [username] — Block a consumer from interacting with you on Twitch
  • /unblock [username] — Take away a consumer out of your block listing
  • /ban [username] — Completely ban a consumer from Chat
  • /unban [username] — Take away a timeout or a everlasting ban on a consumer
  • /clear — Clear chat historical past for all viewers
  • /emoteonly — Limit Chat to emote-only messages
  • /emoteonlyoff — Flip off emote-only mode
  • /followers [duration] — Limit Chat to followers based mostly on their comply with length
  • /followersoff — Flip off followers-only mode
  • /host [channel] — Host one other stream in your channel
  • /unhost — Cease internet hosting a channel
  • /marker Your Twitch moderator will guarantee your chat is peaceable. Our information will present the best way to mod somebody on Twitch. — Add a stream marker on the present timestamp
  • /mod [username] — Grant moderator standing to a consumer
  • /unmod [username] — Revoke moderator standing from a consumer
  • /raid [channel] — Ship viewers to a different channel when your stream ends
  • /unraid — Cancel an ongoing Raid
  • /sluggish [duration] — Restrict how incessantly customers can ship messages in Chat
  • /slowoff — Flip off sluggish mode
  • /subscribers — Limit Chat to subscribers-only mode
  • /timeout [username][duration] — Quickly ban a consumer from Chat
  • /untimeout [username] — Take away timeout on a consumer
  • /uniquechat — Stop customers from sending duplicate messages in Chat
  • /uniquechatoff — Flip off unique-chat mode
  • /consumer [username] — Show profile details about a consumer on this channel
  • /vip [username] — Grant VIP standing to a consumer
  • /unvip [username] — Revoke VIP standing from a consumer
  • /mods — Show an inventory of moderators for this channel

These instructions can be utilized by mods to have an effect on the chat, a selected consumer, or all viewers. If a moderator is abusing these instructions, the streamer has the flexibility to revoke the moderator’s privileges.

The way to un-mod somebody

As famous within the command listing above, you possibly can take away somebody’s moderator position by typing “/unmod [username]” within the chat. This can revoke that consumer’s moderator privileges. When you kind within the command, a message will seem that reads “You’ve eliminated [username] as moderator of this room.” Use this if a mod has damaged a rule, or if they’re abusing their privileges within the chat. Be sure you use the /mods command to see an inventory of all moderators within the channel, which may turn out to be useful if you’ll want to un-mod a number of customers.

Basic recommendation

Selecting a moderator shouldn’t be achieved calmly. Since mods have an infinite quantity of energy within the chat, you will wish to ensure you choose somebody who’s reliable. mod ought to have some expertise with Twitch and may know what to look out for when it comes to abusive feedback or spam. Twitch additionally recommends you talk the rules for what is suitable to the mod as clearly as potential. This fashion, the mod is aware of precisely what to search for when caring for the chat.

Twitch notes that you need to have a number of moderators, relying on the scale of your channel. Beneath is an inventory of the beneficial variety of mods, relying on channel dimension:

  • Small channels (lower than 1 textual content line per second on common) — one to 2 mods
  • Medium channels (lower than 5 textual content strains per second on common) — one mod for each 200 viewers
  • Massive channels — one mod for each 600 viewers and automatic moderation

What is suitable in your chat is as much as you, however sometimes, streamers frown upon hyperlinks, massive partitions of copied and pasted textual content, extreme use of emoticons and symbols, and offensive/hateful language that disrupts the stream. Massive channels run the chance of seeing extra unacceptable habits within the chat, so it is necessary for them to have the beneficial variety of mods to make sure the chat is as secure as potential for the streamer and viewers.

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