How to Play Stealthily in Far Cry 6: Best Weapons and More


Far Cry 6 absolutely embraces guerilla warfare, which makes it the right time to brush up in your stealth abilities. We all know that arranging large explosions and chaos might be enjoyable, however few issues are extra satisfying in Far Cry than sneaking up on a settlement and taking out enemies one after the other earlier than they even know what’s taking place.

Far Cry 6 has modified some issues up on the subject of stealth, so we’re masking the most recent efficient methods, the gear you want, and what methods work greatest!

Additional studying

Getting the appropriate stealth gear

First, let’s speak about your gear. The correct gear could make or break a stealth construct, and there are tons to select from. It’s OK to experiment in case you discover gear that appears prefer it might be good in your stealth construct, however we have now a number of particular items of recommendation when first placing collectively the gear:

  • Normally, light-weight clothes will work greatest when stealthing, and you need to search for modifiers that allow stealth or quick motion, which can assist you to keep away from detection.
  • If you need a particular merchandise to chase after, search for the Darkish Tech gear, which you should purchase pretty early on on the Bandito Barracks camp. It’s an amazing set to start out stealthing with and can assist you to transfer silently.
  • Distinctive gadgets additionally present loads of advantages for many who discover them. Oluwa’s Coronary heart, Mimo Abosi’s Mirage, and Ida’s Sigil all have highly effective stealth advantages if yow will discover them. The Trapper Cap can allow you to maintain your breath longer when aiming the bow, whereas the Parkour Shorts increase your pace after sliding. There are many upgrades like these to search for!

Selecting your optimum stealth weapon

The sniper rifle in Far Cry 6.

Nice stealth requires an amazing weapon, and there are a number of completely different paths you possibly can take right here in Far Cry 6. Listed below are a few of the simplest setups.

  • Machete and throwing knives: This requires you to get in shut however is without doubt one of the most noiseless methods to take down enemies. It’s much more harmful with teams of enemies and should require you to get inventive, however there are few choices extra satisfying. Attempt it in case you discover your gunshots preserve alerting individuals, however don’t attempt to tackle greater than two enemies at a time like this.
  • Weapons with suppressors: A strong gun with a high-quality suppressor is without doubt one of the greatest methods to attain medium-distance one-shots. Simply ensure you all the time have a suppressor outfitted. Different perks like armor piercing will work with suppressors and may make one-shots even simpler. Goal for a high-powered distinctive Resolver as you progress by way of the sport.
  • Sniping: Sniper rifles are good for long-distance stealth gaming. Nonetheless, this does run the danger of alerting the camp over time and making close-up stealth harder. Nonetheless, sniping gameplay remains to be very efficient in Far Cry 6 and an extremely enjoyable option to play. Finally, you’ll wish to get the MBP .50 rifle to grasp your sniping energy.
  • Bows: Bows obtained a nerf in Far Cry 6 and at the moment are harder to make use of in stealth. They’ll wrestle to one-shot enemies, which will increase the probability of being seen. Nonetheless, in case you can take enemies down shortly, bows are silent and can assist you to keep hidden. Search for the composite bow and improve it as a lot as doable in case you like this route.

Plan your takedowns fastidiously

Sliding down a roof in Far Cry 6.

Endurance, as regular, is vital to profitable stealth. Scout out enemy places fastidiously and attempt to observe their actions if doable. If an enemy will get near detecting you, slide after which dash away. Keep out of the road of sight, and be cautious of safety cameras — these might be positioned in many various spots, together with inside buildings, and can sound alarms in the event that they spot you.

If you’re stealthing up shut, keep in mind that Far Cry 6 permits for twin stealth takedowns. After a machete takedown, swivel to the opposite enemy and use the motion button to make use of a throwing knife. It’ll get tough if there are greater than two enemies close by!

If you’re utilizing a gun with a suppressor, bear in mind to take it simple. Suppressors received’t work with speedy gunfire. Watch for a bit between photographs to maintain gunfire suppressed. Finally, you’ll discover a good rhythm.

Different suggestions and methods to attempt

A white panther named champagne.
  • Coping with alarms might be tough. Use your Cellphone Digital camera to search out and mark cameras and alarms so you recognize the place and what to keep away from. You possibly can destroy or disable most alarms, though it varies by sort.
  • Your animal pal Amigos may help you with stealth, too. Chorizo may help distract enemies so you may get some photographs in. The panther Oluso can do stealth takedowns in addition to offer you stealth perks.
  • If you happen to’re searching for an alternative choice to conventional stealth, search for the poison Resolver and improve it so you possibly can lob poison into enemy teams and keep clear.
  • Camps will name in elite reinforcements as they discover kills. This seems to be a bit of buggy proper now on the subject of stealth kills, which might generally depend towards reinforcements spawning and different issues. Watch out, and have an exit technique if issues abruptly go dangerous.