Jake Gyllenhaal’s fortunate AF zodiac signal helped the star discover fame and fortune


Tony and Oscar nominated actor and perennial T. Swift’s muse, Jake Gyllenhaal (he is bought good hair, pleasant disposition, large sarcasm and dimples you could possibly eat ice cream from) is Sagittarius vitality incarnate.

Greatest recognized for iconic roles like eponymous, troubled teenager “Donnie Darko” and closeted rodeo king/ranch hand Jack Twist in “Brokeback Mountain,” the sourdough baking godson of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Gyllenhaal returns to the display this spring as Sgt. John Kinley in Man Ritchie’s “The Covenant,” a movie impressed by Afghan interpreters who labored with and for the US navy and had been with out visas and in excessive hazard when the US withdrew from the nation in 2021.

It is a return to type and uniform for Gyllenhaal, who performed US Marine Anthony Swofford within the autobiographical movie “Jarhead” and a military captain in “Supply Code.”

Because the starting of his profession, Gyllenhaal has persistently taken roles that study and assemble masculinity. From boxers to superhero villains, from widows to drug sellers, from cops to criminals, from villains to voyeurs, from climbers to Holden Coulied impersonators, Gyllenhaal strategies strategies and a staggering vary of people. Are.

In celebration of her newest function, we’re looking at her beginning chart. For extra info, learn.

double mutable

Changeable manners dominate Jake Gyllenhaal’s beginning chart.
Richard Shotwell / InVision / AP

Solar in Sag sextiles Moon in Gemini Gyllenhaal with a bon vivant, not lengthy for the nice occasions right here to siphon off the driving vitality.

Jake Gyllenhaal was born on December 19th, 1980, which suggests our man has a Sagittarius stellium, along with his Solar, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune all in a mutable hearth signal. Gyllenhaal’s Moon, which guidelines attachment fashion, intuition, the female’s sense of connection and safety, is in sensible, heart-slippery, tongue-in-cheek silver.

By way of astro combos, Moon in Gemini, Solar in Sag double mutable, Eclipse Gyllenhaal with a bon vivant, not right here for an excellent time, not lengthy, lifetime of the celebration, kisser of infants, previous girls The attraction of, getaway automotive driver vitality.

There’s additionally a critical whack/trickster vibe to Gyllenhaal, taking part in for laughs, humor as social affection and deadpan as love language. Take into account the time he claimed Benedict Cumberbatch was the inheritor to a cabbage patch fortune and dismissed common showering as pointless. For additional proof try this compilation of Gyllenhaal as a whole agent of chaos and servant of sarcasm for seven minutes straight.

This enterprise of tricksters is amplified by Gyllenhaal’s Mercury, planet of the thoughts, juxtaposing his Neptune, planet of creativeness and phantasm. This offers him a wealthy creativeness and an important presentation. It additionally implies that he’s a bull-t artist with an elastic relationship with the reality and a bent to keep away from direct questions, deflect confrontation, and use humor to level out flaws within the fame recreation.

the moon strikes

Stills from the director's cut of Donnie Darko.  Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko: Director's Cut.  A Newmarket film release.  © 2004
Gyllenhaal is finest remembered for his function at nighttime, cult traditional Donnie Darko.
newmarket movies

Gyllenhaal’s Moon in Gemini opposes his Venus in Sagittarius, indicating that there’s a discord or muddled message between his needs and desires, maybe a bent to idealize a love object and a need to depart city after they show mortal. grow to be or cease being a laughing inventory. Gyllenhaal admits that their first kiss occurred in a bowling alley, which can have set a tone for the romantic trajectory of their younger lives.

Gyllenhaal’s Moon in Gemini additionally kinds a trine with restrictive, daddy planet Saturn, giving him an emotional gravitas that interprets superbly into his appearing roles, talking of a childhood traded too quickly for the pressures of labor. Is.

On the ascendant, our boy has Jupiter, the planet of blessings and growth forming a trine along with his Moon in Gemini. It is an actual dumb luck, golden doodle side; Riches come simple, buddies are made rapidly and life on the canine park is a sunny daydream. it tracks. Paul Newman taught him the way to drive for f—ks sake.

ache as a reward

Film Still - Everest - Jake Gyllenhaal as Scott Fischer "everest",  Inspired by the incredible events surrounding an attempt to reach the summit of the world's tallest mountain, "everest" Documents the awe-inspiring journey of two separate expeditions that were challenged beyond their limits by one of the fiercest blizzards ever faced by mankind.
Gyllenhaal’s Mars is in Capricorn, in line with this image from Mountaineering.
jason boland

Moon trine Jupiter is an actual dumb luck, golden doodle side; Riches come simple, buddies are made rapidly and life on the canine park is a sunny daydream.

Archers love the best way they push themselves to extremes in quest of which means, and Gyllenhaal is not any exception. dude goes DIfficulty To arrange for his or her roles together with immersive analysis, hunger diets, MMA coaching and critical beard cultivation. This dedication to the craft and willingness to maneuver on and develop is supported by his Mars in Capricorn. Mars is our planet of will, drive and willpower and in Capricorn the battle is noble and success is nice solely when a bitter worth has been paid. In enterprise dealings and private relationships, Mars in Capricorn individuals will be stern and withdrawn. It cuts in fast and does not look again.

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T. Swift x Gyllenhaal –

Gyllenhaal is believed to be the inspiration behind Taylor Swift’s “Raid” album.
W Journal/YouTube

Swift and Gyllenhaal’s hearth was shiny however temporary, though Swift’s placement of water continued to douse the quill ashore.

Gyllenhaal has dated a number of excessive profile ladies together with Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon. Although she’s been with present associate, Aquarius mannequin Jean Cadiu, since 2018, the world will not let her neglect the winter of 2010 and the quantity she did to a teenage T. Swift’s crimson scarf and hopeful coronary heart. And since as that is written, the excessive season of Mercury retrograde, hex and x is upon us, we’re looking on the synopsis between the flames of the East.

Swift and Gyllenhaal each have Sagittarius solar indicators and their mutual, mutable hearth is shiny however temporary, although Swift and her waters proceed to dunk the quill into ashes.

That is artwork child.

The Palais des Festivals on May 24, 2022 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images)
Gyllenhaal pictured along with his Aquarius fundamental squeeze, Jean Cadeau.
Getty Photos

Who drew these two beneath the falling leaves and the sooner autumn sky? Gyllenhaal was doubtless drawn to Swift’s efficiency of Sag Solar; That daring vitality and optimism with out blinking. Like many buddies earlier than her, she favored the way it mirrored her personal glow.

Swift’s Venus in Aquarius was influenced by Gyllenhaal’s tumultuous, awkward antics, highway journeys, and singing alongside to Sag schmaltz, but it surely wasn’t a match made to dwell with, my buddies. A cursory look by means of Swift’s charts reveals she’s excessive, a lot increased than her spirited archer archetype; She’s a deep emotion, wounding the Most cancers Moon with a vengeance as foreplay Scorpio Mars and high Capricorn have a grind or die stellium to make it by means of.

Try extra of the put up’s Meals Astrology content material:

Do Not Purge - Nightcrawler - 2014 film still - Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed - photo credit: Chuck Zlotnick / Open Road Films
Jake Gyllenhaal’s mutable Solar and Moon make him a grasp of language and flexibility.
chuck zlotnik

Swift has by no means explicitly named Gyllenhaal because the inspiration behind her album “Raid”, however she mentioned their relationship in a fifteen-minute brief movie set with music and an prolonged model of the track “All Too Properly”. recreated the rise and fall of There’s nothing refined about that chick.

Sagittarians like these two are sometimes extra involved with delivering details relatively than minimizing others’ emotions. That Swift track, “Unintentionally brutal within the identify of being trustworthy?,” is Sagittarius to a T, or bow string because it had been, and applies to each side.

The respective moon indicators of those two are current of their habits after the breakup. Swift, together with her squishy, ​​malevolent Most cancers Moon, continues to attract from this properly of heartbreak, whereas Gyllenhaal’s ethereal, previous is previous, completely erasing any sense the mental Gemini Moon has had. When requested by “Esquire Journal” about his function in “Raid” and his shock over its re-release, Gyllenhaal defined, “It is nothing to do with me. It is about his followers.” It is about their relationship with. It is her expression. Artists use private experiences for inspiration, and I am not complaining about anybody. Solution to dismiss and permit my boy, the actual Gemini duality at play.

Cannes, France - May 24: Jake Gyllenhaal attends the screening of the 75th anniversary celebration "Innocent" During the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 24, 2022 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images)
Jake Gyllenhaal’s horoscope is a strong mixture of Air and Fireplace.
Getty Photos

That is when Gyllenhaal will get downright boring, let’s make this much less about me and extra concerning the ethical crucial Sag thinker; “Sooner or later, I feel it is necessary when supporters grow to be unruly that we really feel a duty to them to be civil and never enable cyberbullying in somebody’s identify. It begs a deeper philosophical query. Not about one particular person, however a dialog that permits us to look at what we put into the world, how we are able to do and even take duty for our contribution to the world How can we begin a dialog?”

We fire up with a shawl, JG, a shawl.

Gyllenhaal and present flame Jeanne Cadieu are a contact extra in step from an astrological vantage. The abundance of air of their charts bodes properly for his or her long-term success. As Gyllenhaal continues to come back into his personal as a person and an artist, we want him all one of the best, love, all types of beard oils and blessings and kindness from Swiftie ceaselessly and ever.

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