Learn how to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Bisharp has been the dark-steel darling of the Pokémon collection since its preliminary launch in fifth-generation Pokémon Black and White. A wonderful attacker with a singular typing, Bisharp has been on the forefront of many aggressive groups and informal gym-challenge squads over time.

With the discharge of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Bisharp is again within the highlight as a result of it has a model new evolution — Kingambit. Take a look at Kingambit’s Pokédex entries from each video games:

Solely a Bisharp that stands above all others in its huge military can evolve into Kingambit. Although it instructions an enormous military in battle, it’s not expert at devising advanced methods. It simply makes use of brute energy to maintain pushing.

Would you like one in your crew now? We thought so.

Close-up of Kingambit.

Learn how to evolve Bisharp into Kingambit

Evolving Bisharp into Kingambit is not tremendous difficult, however it’s a very distinctive course of. Just like the Pokédex entry reads, you are going to must show that your Bisharp is a step forward of others within the wild.

Step 1: Evolving Bisharp into Kingambit requires a particular held merchandise referred to as Chief’s Crest. This merchandise can solely be discovered held by a wild Bisharp that’s surrounded by Pawniards, which might solely be discovered within the bamboo thicket in North Province (Space Two).

You may must go to this space to battle and seize one among these Bisharp to acquire the Chief’s Crest. You’ll be able to preserve this merchandise on the caught Bisharp or switch it to a different Bisharp (say, when you’ve raised a Pawniard since early-game) for the remainder of this course of.

A Bisharp that is surrounded by Pawniards in the wild.

Step 2: Now that you’ve got a Bisharp holding Chief’s Crest, you will must defeat three different wild Bisharp holding Chief’s Crest. Simply wander round North Province (Space Two) to search out different Bisharp surrounded by Pawniards and defeat them in battle.

Bisharp fighting Bisharp.

Step 3: Once you’ve defeated the third chief Bisharp, your Bisharp will evolve into Kingambit instantly following the battle.

Kingambit after evolving.

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