Legendary Pokémon Locations: Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl


From the very first recreation, each Pokémon title has inspired its gamers to finish that recreation’s Pokédex by catching each little critter attainable. Beginning with 151 in simply the primary two variations of the sport, this was by no means a straightforward process from the beginning. Nevertheless, the video games added a second layer of problem by together with very particular — and difficult-to-catch — Pokémon known as Legendary Pokémon. These extra-powerful, uncommon, and hard-to-find creatures are a number of the most satisfying to trace down and add to your roster. That’s assuming you’re in a position to, in fact.

There are a complete of 30 Legendary and Mythic Pokémon in keeping with the Pokédex in Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl, although not all might be caught on a single model of the sport. As is custom with the Pokémon collection, there are unique monsters for every model, and this is applicable to Legendaries as properly. Moreover, all however the two obligatory Legendaries, Dialga and Palkia, can’t be caught till you’ve conquered the Pokémon League, and others ask much more and gained’t seem till you’ve registered each Pokémon attainable into the Sinnoh Pokédex.

Word: There are additionally three Legendary Pokémon — Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arcues — that haven’t been added into the sport as of the time of this writing. As soon as they’re, we are going to add them to this record.

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Legendaries in each variations

Nearly all of the Legendary Pokémon might be present in both model of the sport and can both be hidden across the overworld, underground, or within the Ramanas Park space, which is new to Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl. Ramanas Park is the place all the version-exclusive Legendary Pokémon shall be discovered and may solely be accessed after beating the primary recreation.


Our first Legendary is Mesprit. This Pokémon might be discovered at Lake Verity, near the place you begin the sport. When you’ve overwhelmed the Elite 4, this space will open up, and you’ll find Mesprit contained in the cavern at this location. You’ll work together with it first, which counts as logging it in your Pokédex, however flee. To really get an opportunity of catching it, you have to to trace it down a second time by utilizing the Marking Map app in your Pokétech.


From one lake to a different, Uxie is discovered at Lake Acuity, one other new location that opens up post-Elite 4. Similar to Mesprit, work together with it contained in the cavern to trigger it to roam the map, and use the Marking Map to search out it for an opportunity on the catch.


Our remaining lakeside Pokémon, a minimum of for now, is Azelf, close to Lake Valor. You already know the drill at this level. Beat the Elite 4, head to the brand new location, head into the cavern to trigger it to flee, after which hunt it down together with your Pokétech.


Altering issues up a bit, as soon as the story has been overwhelmed, it is possible for you to to move to the Battle Space within the Battle Zone area. Head right here first to select up the Nationwide Pokédex. Upon getting it, get to Canalave Metropolis and discover Sailor Eldritch’s home. Inside, you can find some children having unhealthy goals. Exterior, Sailor Eldritch will clarify he’s misplaced the need to sail his boat as a result of his child being sick and ask you to move to Fullmoon Island to get a particular feather that may get up his son. It will allow you to go to the island and discover Cresselia proper in the course of this spit of land. Work together and observe it down with the Marking Map to try a catch.


Get your self the Nationwide Pokédex for this one, too, in addition to three particular Pokémon. You have to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, the areas of which we are going to cowl beneath, and take them alongside to Snowpoint Metropolis. A brand new space shall be open right here now known as Snowpoint Temple, which it’s best to enter and you’ll spot the Regigigas snoozing. He gained’t get up for something, and thus gained’t combat you, except you might have these particular Pokémon. If you happen to do, you possibly can combat, and catch, it on the spot.


When you’re selecting up the Nationwide Pokédex within the Battle Space of Battle Zone, discover and communicate to a person named Buck. He’ll inform you how one can get to a brand new space known as Stark Mountain. Observe his directions to finish this little guided part, however don’t fear that you simply don’t get to catch Heatran throughout it. Simply head again to the mountain on the east facet of the Survival Space and Heatran shall be there once more to battle and seize.


With the Nationwide Pokédex in hand, a brand new secret space will unlock on the fitting facet of Route 214. As soon as you discover and enter Sendoff Spring, journey by way of till you hit Turnback Cave, however don’t flip again simply but. There’s a little puzzle right here that you’ll want to resolve by studying the pillars within the rooms to navigate the randomly generated cave. To succeed in the middle room with Giratina, you should attain the purpose inside 30 strikes. The numbers are your clues on which course to go and must be regarded as instructions, like a clock face. For instance, if a pillar has the quantity 12, that may symbolize north or up; 9 can be west.


The one strategy to get Manaphy is thru the Thriller Present characteristic in Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl. To make use of this characteristic, which offers you with particular items from the builders themselves for occasions and issues like that, head to Jublilife Metropolis and go into the TV Station. On the third ground, you should communicate to the TV producer who will ask you to select an possibility from totally different packages they need to enhance. Simply choose the Everybody Pleased Wifi Connection choice to unlock the Thriller Present perform in your menu.

Upon getting it, pop open the Thriller Present possibility and choose Get By way of the Web to robotically obtain a Manaphy egg you possibly can catch. Do that one fast, since it is going to solely be accessible till February 21! 


Jirachi is a fan-favorite Legendary Pokémon and is tremendous straightforward to get, assuming you’re a Pokémon fan. The one strategy to get this one is to simply discover and speak to an outdated man in a subject of flowers on the southern nook of Floarama City. Nevertheless, he’ll solely hand over this uncommon creature you probably have save knowledge in your console from both Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Protect. If you happen to do, it’s yours, but when not, you’re out of luck outdoors of discovering somebody in actual life or on-line to commerce with.


Ramnas Park is a significant new space that opens up when you acquire your Nationwide Pokédex. It’s dwelling to a ton of Legendary Pokémon, however clearly can’t be reached till the tip recreation whenever you’ve gained the Pokémon League and accomplished the Sinnoh Pokédex. As soon as all these necessities are met, head to the park and choose up a Discovery Slate from the counter on the entrance for both three small Mysterious Shards or one massive one. Use this slate on the pedestal, and Regirock will seem contained in the Discovery Room so that you can battle and catch.


Maybe essentially the most well-known of all Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo gained’t present up for simply any coach. Not solely do you should do every little thing required to get the Nationwide Pokédex, however you additionally should have already caught a minimum of eight different Legendaries, plus the right slate, to coax him into showing. The slate is the simpler half, simply needing the Genome Slate, which you’ll be able to commerce Mysterious Shards for. After that, additionally, you will must catch the three Legendary Titans, which embrace Latios, Latias, and any of the three Legendary Beasts in the event you’re taking part in on Pokémon Sensible Diamond, or one of many three Legendary Birds for Pokémon Shining Pearl, all of that are included of their respective sections on this information.

With all that taken care of, carry the Genome Slate to the Genome Room, place it on the pedestal, and Mewtwo will seem to do battle. Be sure you’re prepared, as a result of this psychic Pokémon is as harmful as ever.


Kyogre, regardless of not being fairly on the identical stage of notoriety as Mewtwo, has the identical unlock necessities. You want the Nationwide Pokédex and to have caught Latias, Latios, and both one of many Legendary Beasts or Birds, relying in your model of the sport. This time, you have to to commerce for the Oceanic Slate in Ramanas Park and apply it to the pedestal within the Ocean Room that you’ll find by browsing to the cave entrance to the northeast of the Discovery Room. He’s a troublesome catch, however a powerful Legendary so as to add to your group.


Getting a Phione is a reasonably distinctive course of in comparison with the opposite Legendary and Mythic Pokémon. Reasonably than catch it, you should create it. You’ll do that by placing a Manaphy and a Ditto collectively within the daycare middle (situated in Solaceon City) till they breed. The ensuing egg, as soon as hatched, will produce your very personal Phione.


Get your self the Nationwide Pokédex after which make your method again to Ramanas Park. This time, you’ll need to commerce for a Discovery Slate and produce it into, you guessed it, the Discovery Room. Place it on the pedestal, and Regice will spawn so that you can add to your assortment.


Latias gained’t seem till you might have the Nationwide Pokédex and have already caught the three Legendary Titans inside Ramanas Park. Upon getting, seize your self a Soul Slate from the doorway, and take it over to the Soul Room. Plop it down within the typical spot, and Latias will seem to take you on.


Groudon is one other Legendary that has a variety of necessities. Like Mewtwo, you want the Nationwide Pokédex, all three Legendary Titans, Latios, Latias, and both all three Legendary Beasts you probably have Sensible Diamond or all three Legendary Birds on Shining Pearl. When you’ve achieved all that, seize your self a Tectonic Slate from the counter at Ramanas Park, make your strategy to the Tectonic Room, and summon Groudon by inserting it on the pedestal.


If Mewtwo isn’t essentially the most iconic Legendary Pokémon, Mew can be the one to contest that place. Nevertheless, not like Mewtwo, Mew can solely be obtained you probably have already purchased and performed a distinct Pokémon recreation. Return to the person you get the Jirachi from who stands within the flowers within the southern nook of Floarama City. Standing proper beside him is a girl who may give you a Mew, however she’ll solely hand over this iconic creature you probably have save knowledge from both Pokémon: Let’s Go! Pikachu or Pokémon: Let’s Go! Evee in your gadget.


Registeel simply wants you to have the Nationwide Pokédex and a Discovery Slate. As typical, take the slate by way of Ramanas Park to the Discovery Room, set it down, and name out Registeel.


Latios has the very same necessities as Latias: To amass the Nationwide Pokédex and all three Legendary Titans in Ramanas Park. From that time, commerce for a Soul Slate to carry to the Soul Room and summon Latios to battle.


One other of essentially the most iconic Legendary Pokémon within the collection, Rayquaza additionally comes with essentially the most necessities, like a couple of others. You’ll want the Nationwide Pokédex, all three Legendary Titans, Latias, Latios, and both all three Legendary Beasts for gamers on Sensible Diamond or all three Legendary Birds in Shining Pearl. The precise slate you should take into the park this time is named the Stratospheric Slate, which, clearly, goes within the Stratospheric Room. Pop it into place to name upon this Legendary Pokémon.

Sensible Diamond unique Legendaries

Four Legendary Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond.


Dialga is the primary Legendary you’ll encounter in Sensible Diamond, although it comes close to the tip of the sport whenever you’re within the Spear Pillar space. Don’t fear about lacking it since it’s inconceivable to overlook whereas going by way of the primary story.


With the Nationwide Pokédex in your bag, in addition to the three Legendary Titans from Ramanas Park, you possibly can commerce for the Johto Slate. Take it into the Johto Room, do the standard, and Raikou will spawn only for you.


Entei has all the identical necessities as Raikou, together with getting the Johto Slate, so simply repeat the method to seize this Pokémon.


Suicune works precisely like Entei and Raikou. Get the Nationwide Pokédex, Johto Slate, and produce it to the room for a battle.


Ho-oh is the toughest of the unique Sensible Diamond Legendaries to get, nevertheless it’s nothing you haven’t seen earlier than. You want the Nationwide Pokédex, all three Legendary Titans, Latios, Latias, and the three Legendary Beasts. Decide up a Rainbow Slate from the counter, head to the Rainbow Room in Ramanas Park, and summon Ho-oh to seize it.

Shining Pearl unique Legendaries

Four Legendary Pokémon in Shining Pearl.


Palkia works precisely like Dialga in Sensible Diamond. Simply undergo the story, and also you’ll run into it on the Spear Pillar zone.


Articuno is the primary of the three Legendary Birds and, similar to the three unique Legendaries in Sensible Diamond, all have the identical necessities. All you want is the Nationwide Pokémon and to have caught the three Legendary Titans in Ramanas Park. As soon as completed, commerce for the Kanto Slate on the counter and produce it to the Kanto Room to summon Aritcuno.


Once more, merely observe the identical steps as you’ll to combat Articuno for Zapdos.


Carry out the earlier steps one final time to finish the trilogy of Legendary Birds with Moltres.


Lugia is the Ho-oh equal for Shining Pearl. When you’ve obtained the Nationwide Pokédex, all three Legendary Titans, Latios, Latias, and the prior three Legendary Birds, you possibly can commerce for the Squall Slate at Ramanas Park. Take it to the Squall Room and summon your final Legendary Pokémon.

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