Level Up Fast in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


The RPG mechanics within the Pokémon collection have all the time had some odd balancing. The core methods of every Pokémon kind having strengths and weaknesses is often stable, but it surely’s the areas round this base that appear to alter from recreation to recreation. Leveling up your Pokémon is one in every of these areas. Initially, leveling up a Pokémon was so simple as utilizing it in battle sufficient occasions to realize sufficient XP to degree up, however by the point we hit Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl, issues have gotten a bit extra advanced.

Leveling up your staff is in some methods a lot simpler, but in addition harder. From the beginning, all of your Pokémon will profit from full XP share, that means even the pocket monsters you will have sitting on the bench will nonetheless earn XP as if they have been within the struggle themselves. Nonetheless, getting new Pokémon within the late and publish recreation, when much more Pokémon grow to be obtainable, will depart new catches probably dozens of ranges behind with out many apparent methods to earn good XP. Worry not, as a result of there are a number of methods you may degree up your staff quick in Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl to chop down on the grind.

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Grind with Riley on Iron Island

Should you’re nonetheless progressing by way of the story, the primary good spot to grind battles a lot sooner is while you go to Iron Island. This may occur close to the center of your journey in Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl, however you solely get one shot at exploiting this case. The primary time you go to Iron Island, which you set off by chatting with the sailor at Canalave Metropolis docks, Riley will be part of you as a companion till you full the target of beating the Galactic Grunts on mentioned island.

There are two most important advantages to grinding at the moment with Riley. First is that, as a result of you will have a companion, each Pokémon you encounter within the wild will routinely grow to be a Double Battle. That successfully doubles your XP acquire because you’ll be getting XP from each Pokémon you beat. The actual kicker right here is that Riley may also absolutely heal your staff’s HP and PP after each single battle for those who simply speak to her. Meaning no extra working again to a Pokémon Middle to get better after a few battles. You possibly can grind and grind to your coronary heart’s content material.

Get the Vs. Seeker merchandise

A trainer walking into a town.

Combating wild Pokémon is okay, however everyone knows trainers are the place the true XP beneficial properties are. However trainers, for probably the most half, will solely problem you as soon as. With a useful merchandise referred to as the Vs. Seeker, although, you may problem any coach you already beat, and they may actually have a extra highly effective roster than the primary time, too. Meaning even the early recreation trainers are value backtracking to and battling a second time for a pleasant chunk of XP.

The Vs. Seeker is a Key Merchandise, that means you’ll decide it up routinely as you play the sport, particularly on Route 207. While you use it, any coach presently in your display screen that may be battled once more will get two exclamation factors above their head. Simply remember that the Vs. Seeker has a recharge mechanic the place you may solely use it after strolling 100 steps after the earlier use.

The one exceptions that the Vs. Seeker gained’t work on are any trainers inside caves or buildings. This consists of the trainers on Victory Street, so you may’t double-up on these high-payout battles.

Maintain the Fortunate Egg

A turtle plant looking Pokémon in battle.

There are many totally different Maintain Gadgets you can provide your Pokémon so as to add totally different buffs and results, however the one one try to be anxious about when making an attempt to degree up quick is the uncommon Fortunate Egg. This merchandise will increase the quantity of XP you earn in each battle by 1.5x. You gained’t encounter a Fortunate Egg naturally, although, however there are a number of choices so that you can snag one. Simply know that the XP multiplier of Fortunate Eggs does stack. Meaning the extra you will have and have extra Pokémon holding, the upper that multiplier will go, to a most of six on your lively roster.

The primary place you could find a Fortunate Egg is within the Grand Underground. On the far northwest part of the map is an space referred to as the Acuity Lakefront. Search for the Pokéball in the midst of the Ice Room right here that holds a free Fortunate Egg.

Fortunate Eggs are additionally a prize for the Loto-ID in Jubilife Metropolis. That is luck-based, so not a really dependable methodology. For a extra constant approach, you should buy them from the Battle Tower along with your BP, however at a really excessive value of 77 BP.

Lastly, and that is additionally considerably random, you may often get a Fortunate Egg for those who encounter Chancey and steal one from it. You are able to do this by both utilizing the Thief ability, but when none of your Pokémon know that transfer, you may simply catch the Chancey. If it occurs to be holding a Fortunate Egg while you catch it, you may take it and provides it to a unique Pokémon.

Grind the Elite 4

Once more, trainers are a number of the most profitable sources of XP in Pokémon Good Diamond and Shining Pearl, and a number of the strongest trainers within the recreation are none apart from the Elite 4. These are basically the highest-level foes you may repeatedly struggle earlier than dealing with end-game challenges just like the Battle Tower. These trainers may have very high-level Pokémon that give tons of XP and are the one particular trainers you may really repeatedly face a number of occasions, even with out the Vs. Seeker. Actually, there are two variations of the Elite 4 you may rematch.

When you’ve crushed the Elite 4, you may battle them once more by merely getting into the Pokémon League and passing by way of the principle door as regular. This may pit you in opposition to the identical lineup precisely as they have been the primary time you encountered them. While you’re prepared for a harder struggle and an even bigger XP payout together with it, they may get a brand new lineup of Pokémon when you get the Nationwide Pokédex.

Hunt within the Hideaways

Running through the Grand Underground.

Should you’re within the Grand Underground anyway, Hideaways are your finest guess for preventing wild Pokémon which are really value your time all the way in which till end-game ranges. It is because the Pokémon that spawn in Hideaways particularly will scale to your degree. Plus, you may see which Pokémon are within the space to struggle. Typically, search out advanced Pokémon for extra XP. Some good Hideaways are the Bigblugg Cavern, Glacial Cavern, and Fountainspring Cave.

Eat Uncommon Sweet

Lastly, there’s all the time Uncommon Sweet. This uncommon merchandise does precisely what it all the time has and immediately raises any Pokémon’s degree by one. These are finest saved till your Pokémon are on the later ranges, which take extra XP to succeed in. There’s a restricted quantity of those highly effective gadgets within the recreation, nonetheless, for those who’re actually determined, there are some strategies individuals have discovered you should utilize to duplicate Uncommon Sweet.

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