Momos, Dim Sums, Dumplings And Wontons – What The Actual Distinction Between Them


“Would you like momos or dim sums?” Does this query stump you each time you might be requested in a elaborate Asian restaurant? You aren’t alone. Now we have grown up consuming momos on the streets, so all of the dumplings and dim sums are momos for us and all momos are dumplings and dim sums for us. And wait, there’s wonton too so as to add to the confusion. So, to save lots of you from such awkward conditions and embarrassments, right here we’re serving to you perceive the precise distinction between momos, dim sums, dumpling and wontons. Take notes. 

Now everyone knows that momos, dumplings, dim sums and wontons are all stuffed dough circumstances. However if you happen to look intently and dig deeper, you may discover some obvious variations between all 4. Let’s take every selection one after the other and clarify the variations alongside the way in which. 

Momos, Dumplings, Dim Sums, Wontons – Distinction Demystified! 

Dim Sums 

Let’s name dim sums a broader model of the bite-sized flour-filling snack. Dim sums are Cantonese-style steamed bite-sized meals that imply ‘contact the center’ in Chinese language. They’re often known as ‘consuming tea’ as a result of they’re historically served with a cup of tea or one other beverage. Not like momos and dumplings, dim sums will be ready with any flour starch – rice starch, wheat starch, potato starch and corn starch, and that is why they seem extra translucent. The filling is at all times chopped or diced. Dim sums embody momos and dumplings however usually are not restricted to them. They are often ready with numerous components and take types like lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice, and even candy dishes like egg tarts. Even spring rolls will be known as dim sums! 

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Dim sums are a well-liked Asian delicacy


Dumplings are additionally a well-liked Chinese language dish of flour circumstances however are ready with solely wheat flour, salt and water. Not like momos and dim sums, dumplings could or could not have a filling. Additionally, dumplings will be steamed, pan fried, fried, boiled or baked. They often include a filling of fish or rooster or pork or greens. They’ve a thinner outer overlaying as in comparison with momos and dim sums. So, any flour stuffed meals – savoury or candy – comes underneath the purview of dumplings. For a greater understanding, take Indian gujiya; it will also be known as a fried dumpling! Not like dim sums, dumplings will be served with accompaniments and even soups. Additionally, dumplings don’t essentially need to be bite-sized, they will take any measurement and type.  

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Dumplings will be made with or with none filling


Momos, as everyone knows it, are steamed dumplings made from both wheat flour or refined flour however they at all times include a filling. A stark function that separates momos from dumplings and dim sums is that it’s a Tibetan meals. In Tibetan delicacies, momo often has a filling of yak meat, potatoes and cheese. The momos that we get in India have been tweaked to swimsuit our style preferences. The outer overlaying of momos is thicker than dumplings and dim sums. Like dumplings, momos will be fried and will be served with sauces and even gravies (learn: jhol momos). 

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Momos are a well-liked avenue meals in India


Wonton originated within the northern elements of China. What makes it completely different from its counterparts – dumplings and dim sums – is they’re sq. in form and are often deep-fried. Though, even dumplings will be fried however wontons are at all times fried. Additionally wontons are seasoned with extra sturdy flavours of ginger and garlic. The truth is, you’ll find wonton with simply the flavour of those spices. They’re crispy and flaky and will be categorised as fried dumplings.  

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Wonton is often a fried dumpling

So, there it’s. All you wanted to learn about these snacks that we are likely to assume and speak of interchangeably. We’re stating the fundamental variations between the extra widespread momos, dim sums and dumplings beneath once more for a transparent understanding. 

What’s The Distinction Between Momos, Dumplings And Dim Sums: 

Dumplings and dim sums belong to Chinese language delicacies, however momos belong to Tibetan delicacies. 
2. All momos and dumplings will be dim sums however not all dim sums are momos and dumplings. 

3. Momos and dim sums are bite-sized snacks, however dumplings will be of any form and measurement. 

4. Momos and dumplings are flour-based however dim sums will be produced from any flour starch, together with wheat starch. 

5. Momos are often cylindrical in form and dim sums are often cooked in spherical form. 

6. Whereas dumplings and dim sums are extra of an extravagant meals possibility in India, momos are largely discovered on the streets. 

Subsequent time, you go to a restaurant serving Asian delicacies, you’ll know precisely what to order!

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