Pest knowledgeable shares handiest ant remover and it’s not cinnamon or talcum powder


Vicki stated the hotter climate means “the employee ants are out to search out meals to feed the queen”. 

If there are ants outdoors, she recommends “leaving them alone” as they “aren’t going to trigger you hurt”. If there are ants inside a home, she stated they’re “on the lookout for a sugary substance”. 

The black backyard ant is the commonest and will be faraway from inside the house in a couple of steps. 

The pharaoh ant is a tropical specie, and if that is discovered inside the house, Vicki stated to not try to take away them your self, as a substitute get a pest skilled to assist. 

1. Robust smells – mint, citrus or cinnamon 

Discovering a odor an ant dislike is a pure option to take away them from inside a home, however Vicki stated none of those strategies “have been scientifically confirmed”. 

Some counsel sprinkling cinnamon on surfaces the place ants have congregated because the ants will work in the direction of a sweeter surrounding. 

Citrus peel from lemons, limes and oranges are stated to dam path ants use to speak with one another. 

White vinegar and occasional have additionally been really useful to discourage ants, however Vicki doesn’t agree: “They’ll cease ants as a short lived measure, however not a long-term resolution.” 

She stated there are “7,000 ants in a nest at anyone time” and can merely discover one other option to get to the meals supply. 

2. Talcum powder 

Sprinkling talcum powder is alleged to make ants flip round as a result of they’re unable to climb by way of it. 

Additionally it is a secure product for households with pets and youngsters, however Vicki argued “ants are well-known to hold greater than 20 occasions their physique weight” when one thing is of their approach. 

She tried talcum powder herself on a path of ants outdoors and stated: “It confused them, however the ants then known as different employees to return and assist them bypass the talcum powder.” 

3. Discover the meals supply 

Vicki suggested “watching the ant, they’ll let you know the place they’re going and take you to the meals supply and return to their nest.” 

Ants are often on the lookout for sugary substances, so wipe up sticky patches and ensure objects like sugar are properly sealed. 

4. Block entrance factors 

Discover the place the ants are coming out and in and seal the spot up. 

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