Q&A with Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano: The ‘new’ Drug War and the capture of Colombia’s most wanted man


We are attacking and destroying his business in narco-trafficking, not only the cultivation, but also the finance and the laboratories that were under the protection of the Clan del Golfo. We have captured 28 members of the Clan del Golfo in two regions, and operations continue. We have launched a demobilization program for people at the base of the Clan del Golfo, telling them, ‘Look, if you decide to demobilize, enter into this program where you provide information, you cooperate with the justice system, and if you do it, of course you are going to have some economic benefits.’ We did this previously with FARC [guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia that disbanded following the 2016 peace accords]. All these make me certain that the capture of Otoniel is going to be the end of the Clan del Golfo.