The Callisto Protocol: Skunk Gun location information


The Callisto Protocol is ridiculously troublesome at instances, particularly for those who run out of ammo. Your Stun Baton works okay at first, however until you improve it, this melee weapon nonetheless takes a number of strikes to eradicate foes. To assist you in your journey, we advocate getting your fingers on the Skunk Gun, a small hybrid between a pistol and a shotgun. This non-compulsory weapon turns out to be useful, particularly earlier than you purchase extra highly effective weapons in a while.

Sadly, it’s simple to overlook this weapon, however fortunately, the sport offers you two alternatives to get your fingers on it. Right here’s the place to search out the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol.

The place to search out the Skunk Gun in Chapter 3: Aftermath

Fuse on ground in The Callisto Protocol.

The earliest you’ll be able to acquire the Skunk Gun Schematic is within the third chapter, Aftermath. Play till you’re required to entry the Shu, and also you’ll ultimately discover a fuse in entrance of a gate that results in Workshop 0302. As a substitute of inserting the fuse within the door that results in the Shu, return the best way you got here, then climb up onto the higher stage, then again down, previous the spiky partitions.

Control panel on wall in The Callisto Protocol.

Wrap round and also you’ll go the D4 Basement Storage signal on the wall, climb up onto the platform, then drop down on the opposite facet, previous the D4 Storage Signal. Straight forward is a management swap that requires a fuse. Place the fuse into the panel, then activate it to open the gate. Head inside, by way of the vent within the wall, and also you’ll discover the Skunk Gun Schematic on a desk to the appropriate.

The place to search out the Skunk Gun in Chapter 4: Habitat

Jacob Lee with Jupiter in the background in The Callisto Protocol.

A second Skunk Gun Schematic is discovered within the fourth chapter, titled Habitat. Play till you attain the target that requires you to succeed in the biodome, which triggers after you go down an elevator. You’ll know you’re in the appropriate place for those who can see Jupiter within the background. Make your manner into the Oxygen Processing space after destroying the patrolling robotic.

As soon as contained in the Oxygen Processing space, you’ll see an improve station in your proper, a locked door forward, and Botanical H624 to the left. Head left into the Botanical H624 space, and make your well beyond the rotating containers with crops in them. Proceed all the best way to the very finish, and take a proper into the Utility Corridor H626 space.

Botanical area in The Callisto Protocol.

Right here, you’ll see a chest in your left and a slender path you’ll be able to squeeze by way of in your proper. Head proper, squeeze by way of the trail, and also you’ll be attacked by a small alien. The Skunk Gun Schematic might be on the appropriate on high of a crate. Take it again to the improve station and buy the weapon for 800 credit.

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