The right way to cease cats killing backyard birds: 5 methods to ‘take away the cats’


Because the climate warms and gardens start to bloom, many Britons will welcome extra birds to their gardens as they nest and care for his or her younger. Nonetheless, backyard birds within the UK have seen a steep decline in recent times.

In reality, backyard birds positioned on the RSPB’s Purple Checklist embody starlings, swifts and track thrushes.

Amazingly, birds make up 1 / 4 of the wild animals caught by home cats, in response to a survey by the Mammal Society. This equates to roughly 27 million birds annually.

There is not a lot that Britons can do to forestall cats from getting into their gardens, however they’ll present a secure atmosphere for birds to comfortably entry meals sources with out being attacked by cats.

Lucy Taylor, supervisor of Wine Home Farm, shares her recommendation on the dos and don’ts of defending birds within the backyard.

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What to do to guard birds from cats

1. Preserve feeders off the bottom

Some birds akin to chaffinch, brambling and home sparrow will feed from the bottom however can develop into straightforward prey if there are cats within the space.

As a substitute, select a feeding cage or a desk that’s off the bottom to encourage native birds to eat safely.

2. Present cowl for feeder

When birds come close to meals sources, they like pure cowl akin to shrubs and bushes.

Inserting feeders near pure cowl akin to shrubs will assist defend them from cats.

Nonetheless, cats might also use this cowl to pounce on birds when they’re feeding.

Make sure that the feeder is no less than 5 ft away from the quilt so birds can use it however cats cannot cover.

3. Cease Cats from Climbing

Cats are unbelievable climbers; Whether or not it is a fence, a feeder, or the roof of a shed, they’ll climb rapidly and sneak up on birds.

Ensuring cats keep close to the bottom will assist defend fowl species within the backyard.

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Lucy recommends: “You should use taut wire just a few inches above the highest of your fence to forestall cats from balancing on them and a squirrel below your feeder to forestall cats from reaching birds on prime.” Can use a stir or inverted pot.”

4. Create Pure Meals Sources

Shrubs and shrubs akin to holly or pyracanthas not solely present pure meals sources however are disagreeable to cats due to their spikes.

It’ll feed the birds whereas protecting them secure from any sneaky cats.

5. Sturdy odor

Lucy stated: “Cats could be scared away by sturdy scents akin to lavender and citrus oils so you’ll be able to plant these or use a twig to discourage cats out of your backyard.”

what to not do

Petroleum jelly

Some consultants recommend utilizing petroleum jelly on steel poles to forestall cats from climbing onto feeders.

Nonetheless, Lucy stated it’s difficult for the birds as they wrestle to get it off their feathers.

belief bell caller

Bell collars aren’t utterly dependable at stopping fowl deaths, and whereas research have proven that bell-collared cats deliver again 41 p.c fewer birds, these different steps will enhance these possibilities, too.

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