The way to improve well being and stamina in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom generally is a difficult sport, particularly for those who aren’t ready for the challenges forward. Enemies can take you out shortly, so it’s finest to strategy battles and quests with loads of well being and stamina, if doable. Upgrading your well being and stamina in Tears of the Kingdom capabilities equally to the way it does in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and on this information, we’ll present you precisely how this mechanic works.

The way to improve well being

To improve your well being, it’s worthwhile to first full 4 Shrines. On the finish of every Shrine, you’re awarded with a Mild Blessing. Very similar to its predecessor, there are Shrines scattered all all through Hyrule (and the skies above), so there are many alternatives to earn Mild Blessings.

After you’ve earned 4, make your solution to a Goddess Statue, that are additionally discovered throughout the map. To date, there are 12 recognized Goddess Statues to go to. Beneath are their places:

  • The Temple of Time
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Rito Village
  • Zora’s Area
  • Goron Metropolis
  • Gerudo City
  • Lurelin Village
  • Tarrey City
  • Hyperlink’s House
  • Hateno Village
  • Kakariko Village
  • Korok Forest

Upon visiting the Goddess Statue, work together with it, and also you’ll have the choice to Pray, at which level. you’ll be able to alternate 4 Mild Blessings for one Coronary heart Container, which can enhance your most well being.

The way to improve stamina

As for upgrading your Stamina, it really works nearly precisely the identical as incomes a Coronary heart Container. The principle distinction is that as a substitute of selecting a Coronary heart Container at a Goddess Statue, you’ll need to choose a Stamina Vessel. Doing so nonetheless requires 4 Mild Blessings, that are earned from ending the aforementioned Shrines.

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