What Your Mind Kind Says About How You’re Rising from the Pandemic


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There are 5 mind varieties. Figuring out which one you might have will help you cope as you come back to extra pre-pandemic norms. Flashpop/Getty Photos
  • Your mind sort might have an effect on your happiness and the way you cope with popping out of the pandemic.
  • Psychiatrist and famend creator Dr. Daniel G. Amen explains how 5 mind varieties might regulate in another way throughout and after the pandemic.
  • Understanding your mind sort and character sort will help you cope as you come back to pre-pandemic norms.

Adjusting again to a life that resembles the times earlier than the COVID-19 pandemic might convey challenges for some. As you navigate the transition, understanding your mind sort and its connection to happiness might show you how to embrace the way you get again into the world.

“The pandemic simply devastated brains. Not solely did COVID negatively influence your mind, however the power stress [and ways of coping] broken your mind — the alcohol, marijuana, medicine, dangerous meals, weight problems. It’s actually essential to work on having a wholesome mind,” Dr. Daniel G. Amen, psychiatrist and creator of greater than 40 books, together with “You, Happier: The 7 Neuroscience Secrets and techniques of Feeling Good Primarily based on Your Mind Kind,” advised Healthline.

After finding out greater than 200,000 mind scans of individuals from 155 international locations, he found 5 main mind varieties that he believes affect happiness: balanced, spontaneous, persistent, delicate, and cautious.

An individual’s mind sort influenced how they handled the pandemic, in addition to how they’ll handle in a post-pandemic time, in response to Amen.

“Finally, we need to work towards the balanced mind sort. You’ll be able to transfer towards that with the best methods and assist, by honoring how your mind is wired,” stated Amen.

Whereas there are variations of mind varieties, under are descriptions of Amen’s 5 important mind varieties.

Individuals with balanced brains are likely to navigate life in an organized approach. Their traits embody:

  • focus
  • good impulse management
  • conscientiousness
  • flexibility
  • positivity
  • resilience
  • emotional stability

“Throughout a pandemic, [they] are likely to do OK… as a result of they’re versatile and may form of roll with the stresses. They take heed to authorities, they’re cautious and cautious, and capable of sleep. They don’t enable the sky to fall on them,” stated Amen.

He expects individuals with this mind sort to do nicely popping out of the pandemic for a similar causes.

These with a spontaneous mind sort are usually the “lifetime of the celebration” and revel in attempting new issues. Their traits embody:

  • spontaneity
  • risk-taking
  • creativity, out-of-the-box pondering
  • curiosity
  • diverse pursuits
  • quick consideration span
  • impulsiveness; careless errors
  • restlessness
  • disorganization
  • love of surprises
  • tendency towards ADHD

A shift to the “new regular” would require these with a spontaneous mind to work on impulsivity and resolution making.

“Aim setting is vital for this group. You don’t need to simply be dwelling within the second, you need to be dwelling in all of the moments. You need to take pleasure in at the moment, however not on the expense of tomorrow,” stated Amen.

Persistent mind varieties wish to stand up within the morning and sort out their day, however their persistence can work in opposition to them too. Their traits embody:

  • persistence
  • robust will
  • choice for routine
  • inflexibility or stubbornness
  • simply “caught” on ideas
  • resentment
  • tendency to see what’s flawed
  • opposition, argumentativeness
  • obsessive-compulsive tendencies

Amen stated the persistent mind varieties suffered probably the most throughout the pandemic as a result of routines have been damaged and life was unpredictable.

“Relying on what facet of the vaccination challenge they’re on and their political [stance], they spent numerous the pandemic indignant and sad,” he stated.

Returning to regular could also be more durable for this group, however Amen stated if they’ll enhance their serotonin ranges by train, meals, dietary supplements, or medicines, they’ll regulate higher.

“We need to transfer them towards being extra balanced,” he stated.

These with a delicate mind sort are likely to see the glass half empty. Their traits embody:

  • sensitivity
  • deep emotions
  • empathy
  • temper variability
  • pessimism
  • numerous unfavourable ideas
  • melancholy

“They love connection, and social isolation [during the pandemic] was simply brutal,” stated Amen.

As they arrive out of the pandemic, he stated rekindling connections will assist them most.

“Whether or not it’s in teams you want or church… put apart the political and societal variations and reconnect, ’trigger that can in the end make you the happiest,” he stated.

Individuals with a cautious mind are usually self-conscious. Different traits embody:

  • preparation
  • threat aversion
  • motivation
  • reserve
  • busy-mindedness
  • moodiness
  • issue enjoyable
  • nervousness

As a result of individuals with a cautious mind love safety, Amen stated throughout the pandemic, they tended to be troubled.

As that anxiousness carries on throughout a post-pandemic world, he stated the cautious sort may already be planning for the subsequent pandemic by doing issues like stocking up on bathroom paper to really feel safer and safer.

“Give your self a half hour every week to plan for [another pandemic], so that you don’t have to consider it on a regular basis,” Amen stated.

Natalie Dattilo, PhD, scientific psychologist and director of psychology at Brigham & Ladies’s Hospital in Boston, stated psychologists usually use the Huge 5 character “varieties” somewhat than mind varieties to assist perceive and predict how an individual may behave or reply to a state of affairs.

Whereas the Huge 5 share similarities to Amen’s mind varieties, they particularly embody:

  • openness to expertise
  • conscientiousness
  • extroversion/introversion
  • agreeableness
  • neuroticism

“It’s nearly assured that an individual’s character traits will affect how they expertise and cope with any difficult state of affairs, particularly a pandemic and even a pandemic restoration,” Dattilo advised Healthline.

For instance, she stated an individual who scores excessive on openness to new expertise will probably fare higher than somebody who prefers stability, predictability, and routine.

“An individual who scores excessive on conscientiousness will take nice care and precaution and can probably be involved with the well-being of others in addition to their very own. An individual excessive on neuroticism will probably be troubled, preoccupied, nervous, and controlling,” she stated.

Understanding your mind sort and character sort might show you how to regulate to a brand new regular, in response to specialists.

Know your mind sort

Studying what your mind sort is is usually a good begin to navigating a brand new regular, stated Amen. He presents a free evaluation to be taught what your mind sort is.

As soon as you already know your mind sort, he stated to contemplate the next to assist convey happiness to your life as you navigate adjusting to a brand new regular:

  • Ask your self if what you’re going to do for the day is sweet or dangerous to your mind.
  • Love meals that can love you again. This implies consuming meals that can nourish you and make you’re feeling good.
  • Achieve psychological distance from the noise in your head. For instance, restrict unfavourable information to 15 minutes per day.
  • Make another person completely satisfied, which in flip could make you be ok with your self.
  • Discover the nice in others as a substitute of noticing the whole lot you don’t like about your self.
  • Have clearly outlined values, functions, and objectives. Base each habits you interact in off of these.
  • Keep away from labeling individuals with unfavourable phrases like “liberal,” “conservative,” or “anti-vaxxer.” Labeling them provides you a motive to guage them or write them off.

Know your character sort

To greatest navigate the post-pandemic adjustment interval, Dattilo suggests taking a take a look at to determine the place you fall on the continuum of low to excessive for every of the Huge 5 character varieties.

“Generally, individuals who rating larger on open to expertise, conscientiousness, and agreeableness have a tendency to regulate in additional adaptive methods than individuals who rating decrease on these dimensions,” she stated.


  • Extroverted individuals are usually extra externally centered when underneath stress and can probably regulate higher once they spend time with teams and others who’re faring nicely.
  • Introverted individuals are usually extra internally centered when underneath stress and can probably regulate higher once they have time to themselves to course of and plan.
  • Those that rating larger on neuroticism might battle most as a result of they have an inclination to fret excessively and have a excessive want for management.

Irrespective of the place you fall on the character scale, Dattilo stated gaining the flexibility to “glide” or be versatile with adjustments is right.

“The excellent news is that this can be a ability that may be realized and improved with apply,” she stated.

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