YouTuber Makes Big Raspberry Pi, and it Truly Works


Generally our electronics are too small for us to actually admire all of their intricacies, however that’s not so with this big Raspberry Pi Three duplicate. 

YouTube creator Zach Hipps got down to make a Raspberry Pi Three that was far bigger than the everyday, palm-sized computer systems. Via some cautious crafting, he put collectively a scale mannequin 12 instances bigger than the actual factor. And within the creator spirit, his big Raspberry Pi Three really works.

This big Raspberry Pi comes constructed onto a 3/4-inch-thick piece of plywood standing in for the pc’s circuit board. The circuit traces are all painted, and Hipps spent over 150 hours and used over 5kg of PLA filament to print the assorted elements of the Raspberry Pi 3, like its HDMI and USB ports. He made the massive GPIO connector alongside one fringe of the gadget out of steel tubes. 

In fact, plywood and paint aren’t going to hold {the electrical} alerts wanted for a completely functioning laptop. So, Hipps connected an precise Raspberry Pi Three onto the again of his scale mannequin and set out wiring connections between its ports and the super-sized counterparts.

Hipps wired the GPIO pins from an actual Raspberry Pi to the large GPIO pins of the scaled-up duplicate—a quite painstaking course of that required chopping open a ribbon cable to show its wires, then soldering collectively particular person cables with the uncovered wires within the ribbon cable and re-insulating each. 

Then Zach mounted actual, useful ports onto their 3D-printed counterparts and linked all of them along with extension cables going to the actual Raspberry Pi 3, so equipment and cables could be plugged into the suitable locations—no huge HDMI cable obligatory. 

There are many cool tasks for Raspberry Pi like this. Whereas many reap the benefits of how small the pc is, Hipps’ undertaking is exclusive for entering into the wrong way. It is not the primary time he’s pulled off one thing like this, although, having beforehand constructed an enormous Arduino board.

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