Guardians of the Galaxy: Decisions and Consequence Guide


Guardians of the Galaxy options many choices to make throughout your interstellar journey. Most should do with minor dialogue exchanges that may immediate a particular response out of your fellow Guardians. Nevertheless, there are a handful of selections that, when made accurately, make Star-Lord’s life a lot simpler. The sport doesn’t present any hints, so you need to put your self in Star-Lord’s head and suppose, “WWSLD?”

Fallacious choices gained’t break your recreation or power you to start out over. And calling them “improper” isn’t completely applicable, however we’ll for the sake of this text. There are choices, and there are optimum choices. Right here is each main determination you’ll make in Guardians of the Galaxy and the advantages of constructing the optimum alternative.

Conceal the llama or tech?

The Guardians nearly escaped the quarantine zone … nearly. Nova Corps caught up with The Milano like they all the time do, and Ko-Rel shouldn’t be too completely satisfied along with her ex. She’s about to board the ship, and the Guardians have two items of extremely unlawful contraband on board: The blue llama and Rocket’s stash of stolen components. With sufficient time to solely conceal one, Star-Lord should select which can make Ko-Rel much less upset.

Hiding the llama

For those who conceal the llama, Ko-Rel will tremendous you 7,000 items, however she’ll confiscate Rocket’s stolen components. Nevertheless, the llama will chew via the wall behind Star-Lord’s room, permitting him to flee after Drax locks him inside in chapter 10.

Hiding the tech

Ko-Rel will tremendous you 8,000 items for those who conceal the tech, however she gained’t contact the llama. It’s, apparently, a biohazard, and he or she wouldn’t dare carry it on the Nova Corps ship. Hiding the tech prices you more cash (which doesn’t actually matter in the long term), however Rocket can use it to suit The Milano with a weapons improve throughout the house battle in a while.

What’s the optimum alternative?

Although hiding the tech prices you extra items, the weapons improve is extra precious than the opening in Star-Lord’s wall. Moreover, the mini-game you’ll play with the llama is fairly humorous and pleasing. You’ll miss out on this golden second for those who select to cover the llama.

Aspect with Ko-Rel or Nikki?

Dialogue options in Guardians of the Galaxy between Nikki and Ko-Rel.

Onboard the Nova Corps ship, Star-Lord is thrown right into a whirlwind of awkwardness. His ex has the Guardians in handcuffs, and his potential daughter is right here to make the official arrest. Nikki and Star-Lord get separated and should navigate the ship’s underbelly to make it again to Ko-Rel. Throughout their escape, Star-Lord learns that Nikki is much more like him than he thought. The 2 lastly hyperlink up with Ko-Rel in an elevator, and he or she’s livid along with her daughter. Ko-Rel can’t wrap her head round how Nikki gained entry to Nova Corps high-security doorways.

Siding with Ko-Rel

For those who suppose Star-Lord is already in sufficient bother, you’ll be able to select to aspect with Ko-Rel. Siding with Ko-Rel doesn’t have an effect on the sport however in the end hurts the completionist participant.

Siding with Nikki

For those who take the blame, Nikki will belief you. She’ll slip her entry card into Star-Lord’s again pocket, which turns out to be useful as soon as the Guardians return to the Nova Corps ship in chapter 7.

What’s the optimum alternative?

At all times aspect with Nikki every time you’ll be able to. You don’t want her entry card to finish chapter 7, however you’ll miss out on a handful of collectibles with out it. Siding with Ko-Rel doesn’t damage you, but it surely additionally doesn’t supply something. For a extra immersive Guardians of the Galaxy expertise, take the autumn for Nikki. See, Star-Lord actually is an efficient dad!

Promote Groot or Rocket?

Lady Hellbender smiles at Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

There’s no method round getting fined by Nova Corps. The Guardians have barely sufficient items to purchase dinner, not to mention repay their 7,000/8,000 unit tremendous. So, they head to Seknarf 9, to the house of Woman Hellbender and her monster assortment. The plan is to promote Groot or Rocket to the monster queen, however which Guardian will fetch a greater worth?

What occurs for those who promote Groot?

For those who promote Groot to Woman Hellbender, her jaw will hit the ground. Earlier than her stands a Flora Colossus, and he or she is aware of how precious he’s. Woman Hellbender will enter into negotiations, throughout which it’s best to all the time let Drax do the speaking. Letting Drax deal with the deal has the potential to internet the Guardians 12,000 items.

What occurs for those who promote Rocket?

Woman Hellbender shouldn’t be so impressed with Rocket. She laughs at him, and, as everyone knows, Rocket doesn’t like being laughed at. You’ll find yourself in a prolonged combat whereas poison gasoline fills the room. There are 12,000 items on this room, so don’t neglect to choose these up earlier than escaping.

What’s the optimum alternative?

The only option, and the default alternative when ranging from the Woman Hellbender chapter, is to promote Groot. If Drax does all of the speaking, you’ll stroll out of there with 12,000 items. You’ll additionally play via a stealth-like mission the place the Guardians should sneak round Woman Hellbender’s guards whereas they’re handed out drunk. You’ll miss out on an outfit hidden throughout this sequence for those who select to promote Rocket.

Let Gamora assault Raker or maintain her again?

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Gamora’s hatred for Raker has been brewing since she noticed what he did to Nikki. It involves a boiling level in chapter Eight when she has the chance to go after him on her personal. This alternative looks like it’s out of your arms at first, however Star-Lord can cease her for those who select to.

Cease Gamora

There’s no dialogue choice for stopping Gamora. You need to manually run after her, which triggers Star-Lord to slide and fall over a ledge. Gamora will double again to avoid wasting him, permitting sufficient time for Raker to flee. She’ll be upset however will accompany the Guardians via the remainder of Chapter 8.

Let Gamora go

For those who let Gamora go, she gained’t reunite with the crew till the top of the chapter. Nevertheless, she’ll have Raker’s proper arm to indicate for her efforts.

What’s the optimum alternative?

Let Gamora chase after Rakker. Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, and Drax can maintain their very own with out her. Nevertheless, for those who’ve been counting on Gamora’s abilities up till this level, you’ll should rethink your technique. The injury she does to Rakker in chapter Eight makes his boss combat a lot simpler in a while. The benefit throughout the Rakker boss combat is way extra precious than having Gamora throughout chapter 8.

The Worldmind

Worldmind form Guardians of the Galaxy.

In accordance with the Worldmind, the galaxy is doomed. Nevertheless, the Guardians know one thing even the wisest being within the galaxy is oblivious to. This determination is just like the Nikki/Ko-Rel determination in that letting the Worldmind suppose what it needs to suppose has no bearing on the remainder of the sport. Nevertheless, getting the Worldmind to forged doubt on itself will profit you in a while. For those who select the precise dialogue choices, the Worldmind will second guess its bleak outlook and ship support incChapter 14. The proper dialogue choices are:

  • Share intel
  • Enchantment to responsibility
  • Put in perspective

Cosmo’s Promise

The Guardians and Cosmo ride in an elevator.

Even Cosmo is weak to the ability of the promise. Whereas he’s misplaced in an phantasm of inexperienced pastures and tennis balls, the Guardians stay trapped in a suspended maintain. You’ll have the choice to free Cosmo from the promise or let him succumb to Magus’ energy. Just like the Worldmind, you’ll want to decide on the precise dialogue choices to free Cosmo from the promise. They’re:

  • Supply hand
  • Deal with current
  • Remind about puppies

Releasing Cosmo will immediate him that will help you in chapter 14. For those who additionally handle to persuade The Worldmind, the Guardians will roll into Rakker’s area with a military to be reckoned with.

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